Participant registration

Participant registration

The Common Interest Property Owners Association (CIPOA) is in the business of serving resident and investor owners with transactional needs. We archive everything common interest related. An important element in this mission is curated localized news and information., We want all participants, professionals and owners to contribute to this information archive, even if it is just responding to surveys. Conversely, we don’t want a random news feed, so we will brand contributors who inform certain targeted groups.
All CIPOA participants have access to survey results, and other analysis developed. But we are excited about connecting with local writers who focus on where they live and work. Resident owners develop a profile of their community with our research team, which is added to market data for the community. For example, a significant portion of our non resident Investor group have advanced acquisition goals, and have targeted markets across the country. We help them do advance research down to the community profile level. Where they can tag the community, and select the types of information updates they would like to receive. This same platform is used by our First Time Buyer and Retiring Seniors groups. Our surveys are designed to indentify needs we can scale to save time and money when conducting transactions.


For the Writers Collaborative – Please complete the Participants Participant registration and select the “Writers” special interest group.

*If you are here to participate in our Urban Renewal owner occupancy Initiative, make sure you select the UrbanSweat special interest group.

The Common Interest Property Owners Association (CIPOA) supports access for registered participants. We recognize that writers want readers and some use their articles to brand themselves, the writers collaborative expands your readership and followers. We know you want your efforts to result in a transaction.
Participant Registration is required for everyone, no one can be anonymous. Frankly, we need to vet all individual visitors, to some degree, to help avoid bots and other fake registrations on our site. Our number one member benefit is “privacy” and a commitment to stay private. But, more important, this form walks you through our association; an introduction to how we are structured, and where we are headed. We want to know who you are. The net benefit to you for making this effort is access to statistical data, connecting with specific communities, interacting in forums and the opportunity to join. Even if you don’t own a common interest property and your interest is purely commercial; as long as you agree to be vetted, you can join the association.

The CIPOA allows full registration for owners and by non owners who are part of one of our Special Interest Groups. Any property owner or vetted non owners, can create their own Interest Group, as well, and use the CIPOA to publish, promote and grow participation in their new group.

CIPOA Mission

Our core mission is to establish a National Owner to Owner network and transaction exchange for common interest property owners. The exchange is designed for more than just real estate transactions. The CIPOA facilitates transactions by type, like 1031 exchanges. But owners can negotiate any arrangement like short-term vacation home exchanges and use the CIPOA to document and archive the agreement.

Regardless of the scope of the transaction, local, multi state or national, the CIPOA platform helps organize the properties, principal owners, due diligence documentation, relevant market data and connection to community residents.

Beyond property transactions the CIPOA is a social network, filtered by particular interests related to the community or activity. These owners can form any group they like that suits them, we just help make it happen. This all starts by connecting owners with other owners on a social level, to encourage and strengthen a sense of community.

Special Interest Group Overviews

Please read these descriptions before selecting a group or initiative to follow.
Visitor Memberships

Registered Visitors may not fit in any of the special interest groups below or if you are an owner, may not be interested in registering as a property owner. Owners, both resident and investors, may create their own special interest groups, that are local. Regardless, visitors will still be able to follow their targeted community and participate in discussion forums.

The list below are the interest groups we have setup at this time.

After visitor registration you will be redirected to your Dashboard, where visitors can tag one or more communities, participate in forums. Property owners or non owners can elect to become full members.

If you are visiting our site to obtain information on a  specific HOA, please note that only registered owners and  vetted CID Professionals will have access to information posted by the property owners. We allow visitors who identify themselves and disclose their interest in common interest developments, to register. Visitors can also register as a professional after a vetting process. Owners can view a list of visitors who follow their community profile page, and see their responses to our questions.

By selecting any group below you are agreeing to participate in  forums,  surveys and polls, on each group and receive updates.

Special Interest Groups

Participant Access form

Everyone needs to register as a participant before applying for membership in a special interest group. Joining a group is different than following it.

As a national association, the CIPOA has launched an Urban “owner occupancy” initiative we call UrbanSweat a public service advocacy for Urban renewal reform. Please check it out.

The CIPOA is a private membership organization. There is no solicitation allowed, which means we rely on donations and subscriptions. So access is not free. But your contribution will help create this community network. This registration form is the first part of our vetting process.

Before continuing understand that there is a $10 visitor registration fee, valid for 12 months.

Select Non Owner, if you are taking this survey as a professional, tenant, first time buyer, retiring senior, writer, Urban Sweat groups
Property Ownership Classification
Whether you own one common interest property or thousands, our portfolio management platform offers tools to organize, manage, vet tenants, collect rents, produce reports and acquire properties commission free. Add a property to the Property Exchange with one click.  Map all your properties, as well.

Complete the visitor registration, you can upgrade later. You will need to provide the address of one unit and the name of the association to qualify.

Investment companies typically have most of these tools covered, but if you have a suggestion let us know, if it works for one it probably will work for all.

Any tenant is allowed to join the CIPOA, and connect with their neighbors, but you are encouraged to invite all of your tenants.

Type of Investor
Private Investor type
Number of CID Investment properties
Commercial investment entity
Rental Management
CI percentage of your portfolio
Would you allow your tenant to join our resident social network?
Your tenant will receive an invitation to join the CIPOA
Part of ownership vetting
Pick one of your managers for verification purposes

Resident Owner

As a resident owner “Visitor” you will only be allowed to follow  your community. But you will be alerted to public information being posted by the owners, and others who have access, like the community manager or Board.

You have the opportunity to register your property and complete a full profile with other owners in your community. At this point you are eligible to become a CIPOA founding member.   

To gain access to this association, you will be required to verify your ownership. You will be prompted after you register as a visitor.
Years of ownership
Have you ever served on the Board of Directors or Committees?


All owners of common interest developments are part of the CIPOA.

Tenants who live in a common interest development are allowed to join the CIPOA. On the other hand, if you haven’t previously lived in a HOA, you may be considering living in one, as a tenant or possibly a buyer, we can help you as well.

Regardless, the CIPOA wants to develop a relationship with you, because, 60% of you will purchase your first home, within five years and, 80% those homes will be in a CID.  We help you set your sights on home ownership, in our First Time Buyer service. Even if you eventually buy a non CID home, you may come back as an investor, so stay connected.  In the mean time we help you find communities that fit your needs, follow them, and if you are ready to move (rent) or buy, you can be alerted when homes go on the market.  You can also create your own side by side comparison.

The CIPOA only uses information collected from you, internally, for member benefits only, the data is not for sale. Nor does it offer advertising. Consequently, the CIPOA must rely on subscriptions revenue from members. Visitors do not pay a membership fee, however, there is a $1 per month fee for each HOA that you follow and want access to open information and community publications.

Tenant view of Community Associations
Rental Management
Have you ever owned your own home?
Would you be interested in the CIPOA, first time buyer program?
How many years before you think you would be able to purchase your own home?
Your Landlord will be emailed for confirmation
Your rental manager needs to register their relationship with specific homes.

First Time Home Buyer

The CIPOA has set up a platform for those looking forward to homeownership. This platform helps you set your goals and keeps track of your progress and encourages you to test your readiness.

As you march toward your goal, you can go through mock purchases, which allows you to choose a home currently on the market, and test whether you are currently qualified and what you need to work on.

Select HOAs from the CIPOA community profiles, regardless of location, where you can see yourself living. Set you goals high, but be prepared to purchase your first home in a community you can afford. Maybe the second or third home will be in a dream community.

When do you think you will be ready to buy?
Current Status
If you are within 10 years of retirement and you are considering downsizing, or obtaining a common interest property as a vacation home, we would like to get to know you. We will help you form your plan and analyze various targeted markets. We help you choose the right community to fit your needs and introduce you to current resident owners.
If a family trust in your plan, please let us know, we are working on this need.
If you buy a common interest property, will this be
Plans to Retire
Will you be downsizing after retirement?
Have you ever owned a common interest property?

Common Interest Development Professionals

As an industry professional you are eligible to receive our CIDpro designation – which tells our members you have agreed to be vetted by the members. 

Homeowner Service Provider

Real Estate Professionals

There is a $10 registration fee. If you upgrade to Vetted Professional, you can tag as many CIDs that you like, for $2 per month.  This is not advertising, the CIPOA only allows branding for CIPOA vetted professionals, however, visitors who have tagged a specific HOA and is looking for an agent, they can view a list of RE professionals also tagged that community as well.
The CIPOA believes that real estate professionals who serve common interest property owners, from First Time Buyers to institutional investors, must demonstrate a commitment to developing their expertise in this form of property ownership.

The CIPOA welcomes RE professionals who can deliver this expertise to our members. Consequently, we are seeking professionals who are willing to add CID classes to their continuing education plan.  In addition to past CID experience. The CIPOA professional profile and vetting is key to receiving our recommendation and exposure to our members.

As a visitor you are entitled to follow as many communities as you like, however, those tags only remain active as long as your visitor status, remains active.

Have you ever received an HOA related professional credential?
Real Estate Service category
Common Interest transactions over the last five years

Urban Sweat Equity Initiative

The CIPOA is assembling potential owner/builders for inner city projects. We group these people with others seeking home ownership
There are numerous examples of local urban renewal departments funding “Sweat Equity” inner city projects for individuals; and they not only help refurbish a neighborhood, but the experience changed their lives. When they walk through the home they built, every corner has a story. Pride in the accomplishment?, for sure, but maybe for the first time, they have equity in something. They have stepped on a path that has a lot more options. These people would do anything it takes to protect that equity.
Urbansweat is simply the common interest development version of urban renewal. The intent is to approach the project like a developer would, but instead of a developer it would be controlled by a homeowners association. The association would be run by the owners.
It starts with one person who can envision a specific inner city neighborhood, as new again. And want to be part of
Urban Renewal Interest


The CIPOA is assembling writers covering any and all topics that are of interest to all residents and investors- in particular local articles and newsletters.
The selections below just gives us a sense of your interest, and how we will #hashtag articles. If you choose to join the writers collaborative, you can join hashtag groups across the country to collaborate with.
Writer Interest areas