CIPOA -Regional Advisor candidates

HOAhomepage has developed a property owners association focused on common interest property owners. Members will be resident owners, non resident owners, tenants and home builders. The purpose for the CIPOA is to make direct owner connections within specific community associations and development entity. The objective is to gain community insights and monitor for changes in leadership. When leadership changes, often times all current contracts are at least, reviewed, or put out to bid. It is at this point we expect to create an advantage for professionals associated with the CIPOA. We created a suite of member services including real estate transaction facilitation. You will be part of building a network of title representatives within a region of your state. This network will help develop a common interest archive. This archive will support a common interest property exchange. Our main interest is in developing relationships with new owners in a community, which will lead to scaling a variety of financial services nationwide, to both individuals and boards of directors. This real estate service is directed at non resident owners (investors), initially, in particular investment trust portfolio managers. We intend to catalog all forms of common interests, including developable land, for our investors and land developer members.

This is the first step in introducing you to our business model. We are looking to fill regional advisory positions which may include founder equity in HOAhomepage. Only a handful of people will be invited to apply. In the form below you will be required to agree to a non disclosure condition to continue. We will be sharing proprietary information with you and need to keep this information private. You will be redirected, first, to our membership page, to get an overview of member services. You will then directed our Regions page, where our business model will be discussed. There are several other reference pages that drill deeper. I encourage you to contact me any time. In the sidebar of these pages there is a popup form for you to make notes to yourself, that you may want to follow up on, or to refer to if you have questions for me.

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