CIPOA Special Interest Groups

The CIPOA is about owner to owner interactions. It is not focused on the governance of individual community associations. We believe the individual owner is

Joining or forming an interest group helps you connect with other common interest owners to use the power of the group to organize and carry out objectives. From forming a local car pool group, home schooling parents, or any other advocacy; to taking on municipal politicians regarding infrastructure or any other neglected public need, your group is given a voice.

The CIPOA provides the vehicle to promote the growth of the group membership and publishes group articles, surveys and forums. Each group can elect to approve new members, allow it open to any CIPOA member or; restrict to an individual community or other jurisdiction.

The fact is that when property owners group together and let leadership at all levels know how you feel change will happen. The CIPOA will make it happen.

If you want to learn more, follow or join one of these groups please register as a visitor. Visitors Welcome -Start Here