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We would like to invite you to apply to join the CIPOA property exchange as a researcher, real estate advisor and appraiser. We are looking for independent, mature and experienced real estate professionals. If you are adding appraisal to your real estate credentials, you are on our short list, we have designed our platform for trainees. In fact, if you hold a real estate license, you will receive referrals to represent non investor buyers. The CIPOA starts working with first time buyers and retiring seniors on separate platforms for up to 60 months prior to entering the common interest market. We do this to help them plan for this first home or the real estate aspect of retirement.

We want trainees to use our exchange to build their target market and referral network and start branding themselves in this market immediately.

The CIPOA is accepting applications for qualified appraiser trainees and appraiser supervisors. This platform is for those who operate an appraisal practice or plan to be an independent appraiser. We estimate that our network of appraisers will consist of up to 7,000 professionals, non of which will compete each other within our exchange. You will receive an exclusive market segment in your local area. We call this market segment a transaction block where all of your analysis and research is archived, permanently. The ownership of this block is in your name and is transferrable, if you choose to sell it in the future. The value is based on your archived data, analysis and other work products.

Before we go into the detail our system, please complete form below to introduce yourself. If you are selected for the exchange, we will help you expand your profile and start working immediately. You will learn more about how the exchange works, but you may be surprised to learn that the exchange is only part of our model and how you will be part of a nationwide appraiser network.

CIPOA Appraiser applicant

CIPOA Appraiser applicant

The Common Interest Property Owners Association is creating a property exchange for it’s members. These transactions may or may not include an agent or lender, consequently we are forming this exchange around appraisers, who will participate in most of these transactions. The exchange is designed to accommodate 1031 exchanges involving replacement properties located in multiple states, so it will also accommodate any sale configuration. We also created an appraiser network to connect our appraisers for support, mentoring and collaboration, but more important, this network will maintain appraisal standards across the exchange.
The Common Interest Development (CID) Industry includes, 350,000 residential subdivisions and 10s of thousands of Commercial/Industrial condos, marinas, etc. We intend to profile all of these subdivisions. We will originate and manage exchange transactions on behalf of the owners of these properties. This system allows appraiser trainees to start gaining work experience and income as soon as they find a supervisor. We provide appraiser supervisors with several incentives to support this effort., including residual income.

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All appraisers that we choose will need to provide information about their experience and their professional objectives.
Most trainees have real estate experience or is currently employed in the real estate industry. You may be making a career change or you are adding appraisals to supplement your income. We designed our platform for you, the independent real estate professional.
This form provides us with your basic contact information and your current status. When you submit the form you will be contacted.

The information you provide will remain private, you may receive an occasional email from us, but your email will not be shared.

Current Appraiser Status
We want to make it clear that we represent owners in a niche market.
Common Interest properties in the US currently represent about 25% of the residential housing market.
So approach our offering as a source of supplemental income from this market segment.
We create target markets for each appraiser to focus their research, report publishing and personal promotion. If you want a full time appraisal business, this platform will only provide business from the common interest market.

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